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About Us

Greetings from the Soap Aisle, a family-owned and operated small business.

My name is Jammie Allen and, my Mom, who doubles as my business partner is Laurel Fee.

I bet you are wondering how we got involved in making homemade soaps….and becoming business partners…Simple, my phone rang, it was my Mom… That was back in February of 2021.

Mom: “Do you want to make soap?”

Me: I was like, “Soap?” LOL. (Mom was bored and had a new idea.) So… she sent me a few YouTube videos and instructions to watch how great it would be. One short week later…well, we were ordering supplies and researching like crazy. 

Me & Mom: We have to say, it is a lot of fun. You can get so creative with the colors, designs, ingredients, and fragrances…. Not to mention two type “A” personalities 😊

The possibilities seem endless. Couple that with the fact we are now using homemade soaps without all the “garbage” the big companies add.

We both have our favorite “soapers” on YouTube. My Mom loves “Eden’s Secret” out of the UK. Such talent! And I love Katie from “Royalty Soaps,” her personality, her experience, and her soaps are an inspiration. Of course, we both love “Ruth Ellen’s Soaps” and “The Soap Queen,” Ann Marie, from Brambleberry. We have gained a wealth of knowledge from these long-time expert soapers.

We work hard to take advice from many professional soapers while still creating our own unique recipes and ideas.

Our first soap creations turned out very well… followed by a couple of EPIC FAILS, and a lot of laughs!

Eventually, we do hope to add pictures of us creating soaps and maybe a few videos. Let us just say we have already learned taking pictures and creating videos has produced some additional EPIC FAILS!

We tip our hats to those soapers who, have not only mastered soap making, but also create some great videos. A talent all by itself…hang in there…we hope to improve our skills in this area.

In the meantime, we do hope you enjoy some of our soaps and other products. 

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Jammie and Laurel